Gelato Messina, Crown St, Surry Hills

Yoghurt & Caramel. Rhubarb & Pear. ‘1984’ (Chocolate, Cherry & Coconut sorbet). Two spoons, but all for ME.

The combo of those three flavours worked brilliantly, and the huge rivers of dulce du leche in the Yoghurt & Caramel were my favourite part of the whole (giant) thing. However, I had to concede defeat on the last quarter of the intensely rich ‘1984’ (NB: I’m racking my brains as to the origins of the name of that one. An obscure reference to the book??).

I shan’t be eating anything else for a goodly while.
And here’s a graffiti dalmatian for good measure:
Gelato Messina Surry Hills on Urbanspoon

One thought on “Gelato Messina, Crown St, Surry Hills

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