Melbourne’s Queen Vic Markets, feat. Jam Doughnuts and a Minimalist Coffee Shop.

Hello again Melbourne! And hello Queen Vic Markets! On our friend’s recommendation, we visited the mega fruit & veg stalls, the fabulously ornate deli hall (built in 1878), the jam doughnut van with its long queue, and Market Lane Coffee nearby.
imageBehold the Biggest Celeriac In The World!  But I couldn’t easily take photos inside the deli hall; it was too crazy. There was everything from brie to biltong, via lobsters, looseleaf teas, loaves of beautiful bread, and even a vegetarian stall selling – I kid you not – ‘Fish-Free Fish-Style Fish Fingers’!!  We passed on those and instead bought some lovely teas to thank our dog-minding and garden-watering family members.


Snack time!  We braved the queue at the American Doughnut Kitchen van, which moved as quickly as the doughnuts could be fried, dredged through a bowl of sugar and bagged up fresh to order (in short, we waited all of about two minutes).
imageIt was the nicest doughnut I’ve ever had, and for the grand total of one dollar! Almost brioche-y in its yellow yeasty butteriness.  Seriously good dough, not the usual fluffy white nothing.  Covered in crunchy sugar, with a surprise blob of raspberry jam in the last (or first) bite.  Best washed down with a lovely Market Lane piccolo caffe latte from the world’s most minimalist coffee shop.  White-washed brick walls; bench seating for about three ants; one small counter; one tiny tray of two types of cakes; one type of milk which lived in its own special compartment built into the small counter; one size cup; one very high standard of excellence in coffee-making.imageBoth our delicious coffees tasted surprisingly un-milky for mostly-milk coffees.  Even in hubby’s full-sized caffe latte, the espresso somehow overpowered the milk (which was full cream, mind) (and locally-sourced and organic, of course) resulting in a stronger-than-expected, yet not bitter, drink.  It was sort of like a long black with added milk, but not really.  Hard to adequately describe.  I’ll have to make a return trip to settle on a better description!
imageAll in all, a lovely morning’s foodie stroll, before hitting up the Ian Potter Centre at the NGV to see the Oz Impressionists exhibition in its final days.  It closes this weekend, so be quick, Melburnians!


Market Lane Coffee on Urbanspoon
American Doughnut Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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