Tapavino, Bulletin Place

Tapavino is down a little laneway behind the Marriott Hotel at the Circular Quay end of Pitt Street.  It’s an inviting, warm and cozy place which smells of chorizo – in a good way, not a “Ugh I’ll have to wash my hair again, it smells of chorizo” way.  The waitstaff strike a great balance between friendly and super professional, and were helpful with recommendations and suggestions without being pushy.  So even before the boys and I had eaten anything, we already liked Tapavino!

2013-07-29 23.05.59

It has a snug bar area downstairs and a larger space upstairs with tables you can book.

Now to the food.  I am replaying the meal in my head in slow motion.  Gosh is was nice.  Each small dish was a new delight of flavours, but nothing was overdone: maybe 3-4 ingredients per dish, max.  The mashed broadbean, green pea, mint & goats curd tostado was the nicest thing I have eaten since I last used that superlative.  Three small rounds of thin, crispy, salty, olive-oiled toast (reminiscent of Bagel Crisps) topped with a veritable tennis ball of green goodness.  The mackerel & celeriac tostado was equally divine – like celeriac remoulade with a smokey, fishy edge.

2013-09-05 21.30.56_2

TENNIS BALL of delicious greens + goats curd

Tuna cruda comprised fat tongues of fishie macerated in a piquant sherry dressing with crushed hazelnuts which I am going to try to reproduce.  A watermelon, cucumber & black olive salad was slightly warm – either the dressing was warm or the watermelon had been lightly grilled (can one grill watermelon?) – either way it was a perfect winter’s night twist on an otherwise summery salad. It complemented a rich dish of baked chorizo with black olives and romesco sauce.

2013-07-29 23.10.20

Warm watermelon. Oddly fine. Hubby was more alarmed by the olives paired with it, but that’s just because he’s not a sophisticated foodie like moi.

A delicate dish of sea perch with egg, piquillo peppers, potato & sherry mayo came wrapped in paper: the fish and its friends had been baked al cartoccio, which created lovely soft flesh and a pool of lemony, briney, creamy juice.  On that note: the only criticism of the whole meal was that our plates were shallow rectangles and we weren’t given spoons, so a lot of the residual juices and sauces from the dishes couldn’t be easily got at.

We finished with heavy stuff: beef short ribs with salsa verde, and a mushroom & black truffled tart topped with jamon & shaved manchego.  At that point my usually hollow legs started to reach capacity. The tart with jamon was a deconstructed Spanish version of The Fanciest Quiche Lorraine Ever – a fat slice of eggy, many-mushroomed tart, draped with half a pig’s worth of finely sliced prosciutto – sorry, jamon – and a light snowfall of finely grated machengo cheese.  The tender beef short ribs could be cut with a spoon, and the salsa verde was sneakily cheesy and dared you to lick the plate clean.

2013-09-05 20.37.32

Conquer the jamon mountain! Find the mushroom quiche!

Pudding would’ve been lovely I’m sure, but we were stuffed.  Next time I would eat less tapas and finish with the dulce du leche tart, and a treacly Pedro Ximenez sherry.  In fact we were pretty rubbish with the vino side of things – it was a school night, so we just had the Esciandor Sidra, which came in hilarious neon ‘attractive to children’ cans, which in no way betrayed the crisp, pongy, [alcoholic] apple-y goodness within.  The wine and sherry lists were extensive and I imagine the waitstaff would be able to suggest appropriate tapa y vino pairings.

[NB: I did all those things next visit as promised: see here!]

I really cannot recommend Tapavino highly enough.  It’s closed at weekends – which seems odd – but if you work in town you really ought put it on your ‘after work drinks venue’ list, should you have one.  And do save room for pudding and sherry!

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